Christine SleeterAs a founding faculty member of Cal State Monterey Bay, Dr. Christine Sleeter has contributed her talents to the building of this university.

Sleeter, an expert on multicultural education and diversity in the schools, has contributed financially as well. Since 1995, she has made gifts to provide students the same kind of opportunities that she once had.

“I started donating book royalties because I was struck by the sacrifices many students were making,” said Sleeter, a professor emerita in the College of Professional Studies.

“When I was an undergraduate, extended family supported me and my siblings in going to college. I worked a few hours a week, and had a small scholarship, but the family support meant that I could focus mainly on my studies.

“In contrast, I saw many of my first-generation university students holding down jobs, full-time in some cases, taking out loans, sometimes raising children, all while trying to also focus on their studies.”

Sleeter has helped countless students through her gifts to the Ron Cisneros Vision Scholarship, which supports high-achieving, first-generation, low-income, and historically underserved students. Most recently, Sleeter has increased her impact on the lives of students by opening a gift annuity to benefit the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Center (UROC).

She is proud of CSUMB’s commitment to educating a diverse group of students, many of them seeking to become the first in their family to earn a degree.

To them, she offers straightforward advice.

“Believe in yourself. You’re probably capable of doing much more than you realize. Working hard on your education is one of the best things you can do, because you’re actually investing in yourself. “