Otomo-Corgel family

Richard Corgel and Joan Otomo-Corgel were on hand to see Cal State Monterey Bay’s beginnings. And they are pleased to be part of the university’s continued growth.

In 1994, when Joan was on the Cal State University Board of Trustees, she and Richard attended the dedication ceremonies of the new campus, where President Bill Clinton and other political leaders were on hand to celebrate the first conversion of a U.S. military base to a university.

“The growth we have seen is amazing, and potential for CSUMB to be a shining star in the CSU in limitless,” Otomo-Corgel said. “So we were pleased to support this university. We cannot think of a better place to provide opportunity to enhance the social and economic health of society by supporting higher education.”

The family’s support of CSUMB goes well beyond the financial. Their daughter Stefanie was an outstanding student-athlete at Cal State Monterey Bay, where she became a starter and captain on the women’s basketball team. She also was named most inspirational player two years in a row.

“I remember when Stefanie called after her first week of classes at CSUMB after transferring from the UC system. She said, ‘The professors here really care that we are learning and attending classes, and they actually know their students,’” Otomo-Corgel said.

To future students, Otomo-Corgel offers this advice:  “Find your passion(s) and unleash your potential. Be honest, be organized, and work hard. Learn something new and do something nice every day. Always be the better person.”